Why Post-Lockdown Events are going to be INCREDIBLE

Once the Covid-19 vaccine has been fully rolled out and we can mingle safely, the events industry will be booming with weddings, music festivals, theatre productions, birthday parties and so on. Some of these events will have been postponed due to the pandemic and others will be born from the joys of safety and freedom. Either way, it is safe to say that they will feel a thousand times more amazing than they would have done before covid-19. And here’s why…

Photo Credit - Dave Thompson Cheshire Wedding Photography

Nearest and Dearest

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate our loved ones. So many people have lost friends and family members to Covid and the nature of the illness meant that goodbyes couldn’t be said. Once we are able to attend events safely with our friends and family we will certainly express our appreciation for each other, cherish every moment and make memories like never before.

Annnnnd Relax

Wherever we go at the moment we have to be cautious. Put your mask on, don’t get too close, sanitise your hands and god forbid you might clear your throat in public! Whether you realise it or not, your mind and body is in a constant state of tenseness and it won’t be until we can enjoy an event safely that we will feel the huge relief and simply relax. Whether we realise it right now or not, the weight off our shoulders will be huge.

Simple Social Interaction

It’s not until now that we realise how much basic social interaction we have with others on a daily basis. A simple smile as you pass someone in the street can’t be seen behind your face mask, holding a door open for somebody in a shop is a no no and we certainly can’t shake hand or hug when we meet somebody. This lack of basic human interaction can be surprisingly damaging to our mental health, so we will all benefit from a big dose of this at post-lcokdown events.

Meeting New People

Throughout our lives we constantly meet new people. Some of those people we may never see again and some may stay in our lives forever. Lockdowns and social distancing in 2020 has limited the number of new people we meet which is a shame for everybody but particularly those looking to meet their future partner! Events play a huge part in bringing new people together and we have a sneaky feeling that people will be a lot more sociable at post-pandemic events.

Electric Atmosphere

If we combine the company of our friends and family, the huge feeling of relief, the return of basic human interaction and meeting new people with music, drinks and maybe even some questionable dancing- what do we get? An electric atmosphere! Post-pandemic events are going to feel out of this world. And we at Cestrian Bars cannot wait to be a part of that magic!

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