Personalise Your Wedding with Bride & Groom Cocktails!

Over the past few years, brides and grooms have been looking for more and more ways to put their own stamp and personality on their wedding day. From hand-made décor and centre pieces to fury friend groomsmen, the possibilities are endless.

Personalisation is something we LOVE to see at a wedding and as our mobile bar hire service tends to be booked for tepee, marquee and generally more relaxed wedding venues, we are lucky enough to witness quite a few.

But we don’t want to just witness. We want to get involved!

That’s why we now offer the personalised bride and groom cocktail service.

We encourage our brides and grooms to each design (or pick if you’re not that creative) a cocktail which you love or even reflects your personality. Cestrian Bars East can then prepare the two cocktail choices and let the guests pick which they would like to sip on as their welcome or post-ceremony drink. Will it be the brides beautiful beverage or the grooms gourmet guzzler?

Of course a bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody, so we will keep tabs on who’s cocktail was the most popular and the loser can fork out for the honeymoon airport drinks!

To get your creative juices flowing, we will leave you with some bride and groom cocktail ideas that we think are amazing…


  • The Blushing Bride – Tends to contain either a peach liquor like peach schnapps or a spirit of your choice with a peach flavoured juice.

  • Something Blue – This can contain any of your favourite spirits or mixers but it must be blue! Don’t worry, if blue WKD isn’t your thing then a blue syrup or colouring can always be used.

  • Marital Bliss – This one gives you lots of freedom. Simply pick or design a delicious cocktail which is right up your street and let your guests be the judge.


  • Something Old – Tends to be a take on the very popular boy’s bevvy, the old fashioned. A whisky based cocktail served with soda, bitters, sugar and sliced orange over ice.

  • Main Squeeze – You can play around with the spirits and mixers in this one, but it tends to contain some kind of freshly squeezed juice or lemon squeezed in for that extra kick.

  • The Mr Right – Is Mr Right also going to get the perfect cocktail right? This cocktail name allows you to come up with a brand new cocktail design to find out!

If you would like more information on our personalised cocktail service or the mobile bar hire service that Cestrian Bars East offers in general then please do get in touch.

07585 660613

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