The 5 Best Gins of 2019

The 5 Best Gins 2019

There's no denying that the popularity of gin has soared over the past couple of years!

Gin is the drink of choice for people of all ages and it's not hard to see why.

There is a vast array of flavoured gins and complementary mixers on the market, so gin lovers can try new concoctions on a regular basis.

So lets get to the question that all of you ginaholics want to ask...

What do we think are the best gins of 2019?

1. Whitley Neill Gin Parma Violet Gin

Established in 1762 Whitley Neil offers a collection of quirky, modern flavoured gins, all of which take inspiration from different countries around the world. Their amazing Parma Violet Gin is going down a storm this year! Inspired by the rustic Italian countryside, this sensational gin gives delicious notes of juniper followed by an aromatic floral taste.

Whitley Neil Parma Violet Gin

2. Gin Volcanic

All the way from he Pyranees area of Spain,Gin Volcanic is making waves in the UK this year. In a process which takes over a year, this gin is distilled from green walnuts with the addition of volcanic rocks, fruits, berries and plants which together create a bold citrus and floral taste like no other.

Gin Volcanic

3. Bombay Saphire

Most of the UK population will be familiar with Bombay Saphire already, but as it is 'the worlds most famous gin' we couldn't leave it out of our list. During the distillation of Bombay Saphire gin, 12 precious botanicals including liquorice, juniper berries and lemon peel are suspended above the spirit in perforated copper baskets so that when the spirit's vapours rise they are infused perfectly giving us the amazing gin we all know and love so much.

Bombay Saphire Gin

4. Beefeater Blood Orange

New to the scene this year is the Beefeater Blood Orange gin which packs a punch of flavour! Inspired by the London Markets this gin boasts some impressive Botanicals including juniper, angelica seeds, orris root, coriander seed and of course orange peel and natural flavourings. Paired with either tonic or ginger ale, this is a gin you will be tasting more than once!

Beefeater Blood Orange Gin

5. Gordon’s Pink

Not only does Gordon's Pink Gin look fabulous in your hand, it tastes fabulous too. It's a win win combination! Bursting with natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with a fresh touch of Juniper, this gin is highly refreshing and ideal for the summer months! Add real red fruits and berries to the mix for the perfect finishing touch.

If you think we are missing out on an extra special gin then why not let us know in the comments below!

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